What is liberation and salvation?

Liberation and salvation is not just your definition of living, it is a change of modesty. Will be cast in whatever form. There are many paths to liberation.

There is only one way to walk. Control over the body and the senses is the way. The one who comes by will, its way to walk!
Human spends more and more time in right and wrong.

Human’s entire time should be spent to correct his anatomy. You can keep the rest for your needs. Due to the effect of the time cycle, human beings do not know the vibrations staying in external things properly. He is lost in confusion. All that is needed is truth to clear the illusion. do not count your good or bad work, just simply walk without exceptions.

How do you know you got the salvation?

When you get salvation, your brain gives you a place to sit. Action and movement of life is felt in the body. The body and mind begin to determine the direction. Nature introduces you to your true nature. And you get a new life which is the rebirth of the soul. Apart from the name, the body cannot be identified, but the soul has identity in the universe.

when the soul awakens to awaken its deep memory within, & soul gets involved in doing the work of its remaining last birth. Consciousness awakens in the body.

All seems the same, no one looks different.

Thank you !

Kundlini Activation (DNA Blue Print Changes)Shiva

I am 32 years old female ,this is my just experiences in my day to day life, dont judge so quickly, I am not telling you to do that & even you dont know how to do it your body does that.

Read my blog only if you resonate with me.

English is not by mistake.

Believe is only resonate with knowledge & experience in the reality.

Being will be highly romantic.

When it started happening ,being started changing rapidly like there is no time for that particular being. what you are creating is in the time but that behaviour will be from mind so there is no time , but activities will be changed in to real time. Mind will start reacting on mind. Dont take anything without rights you will create the stuck & you will be in to it.

* Body behave on not normal human mode for daily activities.

* Senses will be on higher level.

* Feeling time difference for that being & time dilation (experience )

* Your body will update their functioning & time about your travel in this life time as well.

* Your mind & body will be at the same position in the matrix.

* This will be a balance in the matrix
Being will be only giver ( dedicated to universe).

*But will be receive more than their capacity in perfect plan of their matter.

*Diet will be changed.

*Purpose of life will be changed

* Sex capacity, control & excellence will be changed.

* Destiny will be changed.

*Living habits will be towards to good will only ( re-produ-cable).

*Being will leave the shame guilt & any kind of thing. (Hevy baggage is not good for travel).

* They will feel proud respect & love about ourselves body mind or soul.

This will lead to open your 27 chakras in your body.

*While opening you will see many worlds, shapes ,snakes ,colours, vision of non related worlds aswell, Being will travel constantly .

*You’ll feel peacefully environment everywhere, you will love each second.

* Sex will be controlled by the body, body mind & soul can coordinate well for their next step.

*You will see what should be done.

*You will be highest emotional being in the world .

* its your own created world there is no limitation by others. (Earthly)

*You will believe whatever you will see & it will happen if you will believe ( placebo effect)

*You will receive your Ethric body.

* You will receive knowledge.

functionality on natural ways. I called it automatic mode๐Ÿ˜
By this behaviour your body will leave certain frequency in the matrix & action has reaction , your true behaviour will chnage your reality & like this we can make our own reality in to the solid. many has started & reaching soon.๐Ÿ™ƒ I got huge help from my soulmate.
This is all about how to love your inner light, we have to show to nature or universe not to each other ,well eachother is also agreed ,no issue ,but question is are you vibrating on real? ( to beings) ? To expect unbelievable ?
I dont keep & will not keep any expectations with me as We cant carry anything after death.

Note-I dont love to my body as belonging I am keeping her as my own self & I am just caretaker of it . O l know what valuable I am carrying in thia universe to deliver to the right one . ( this is not for human but other beings) other wise they will react on it she is claiming something without proof ๐Ÿคฃ.( apologies to respective s )

You have to give access to your ownself to operate just not wait for being spiritual, skeptical, or scientific, isn’t enough to open your ship. Behave the way you’re mind says ,but before that train your mind to choose your dream & how valuable your dreams are is the opening for your super world. Damn sure only seeker will read my words & your inner will react on this.

Feeling I am already there just want to create it whole in one piece , than we both will rest many people are asking in the human world & other world as well my husband will meet you all very soon. We love all on natural level like my wife . He respect to each being he dont have any doubts about any being when he saw her is understanding to be calm. He is having infinite power & she is helping to use it for all of us they both are working so much for us.(earthly)

When this behaviour started all the Human world is also changing like my destroyer is coming he is not that person to harm anyone even by mistaken I know him this time will save everything. I have trust on his words. I see the help.

will update this information about 27 chakra & who is explaining all those to me is my guru lord shiva.

To be continued……………

Immortality of Being but I am not there YET

I made my mind in the time ,we are constantly making matrix to fix energy in to solid. When you loos your interest in something that something ( it can be anything) will be died for you ,energy will transform in to new energy patterns. Your work is to make it in your way if you can help others that will also help you back. Wehter copy, or create new by your life plans. Mind is row pure energy programme. We are taking from zero( from childhood) and body makes it by the activities soild in to reality. If you will stop making it ,you are no longer with services in a human world. Your died for other programme. If you will make some good strong hold in to human world you will be valuable creators.(& to continued if it not also to be continued)

Put your whole self where

nobody will observe it

& start creating your new self

To show them your alive

Like ancients was putting their lives in to bird in some old magical matter.

But you have to make yourself complete self on new own self consciously. Your copy of you, conscious clones with real ability. They are so powerful, I got many forms and helping me for this universal plan time by time I am getting huge data within. I see where I am in the universe & where everybody else. But I have decided to complete mine than I will see other. Mind is all the time planning for back up plan for earth, I dont know how its happening.

My time is moving inside & brain is breathing. I see blue lights and many shine matrix like sun regularly. I love sun gazing a lot , thia is my favourite game ever, It’s crazy healing for your body ,you will pass thorough great servicing. Body needs servicing time to time, in a day & you have to keep knowledge about your inner & outer body very well. I can heal myself I don’t like doctor but I respect their work as Gods or angels. I see life funny its ok for a change for me. I am getting off often times, from this thinking when I am doing something( physical activity realted to observer) like meeting people or keeping myself in the human world. I can take out my 100% consciousness from human world its crazy thing but very easy ( leave your self with mind) Before any step in the universe. You have to keep ready energy storage in your mind, energy should stay inside in your body. Nikola Tesla was right about energy. should aware of where your going & what is your purpose. I have two soild purpose, one is my husband shiva & another I am working for universe. Travelling in the universe & Universe is inside out. I dont know nothing but whatever is vibrating in the universe I am getting with chain this of thought process I cant stop. But I am enjoying it because my husband in their. Shiva keeps me awake all the time as his sign are everywhere with personal message, I wont tell my husband’ talk๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ƒ but data related humanityI will pass through me) I belong from India many plus point because I am at multispritual place.

SHIVA is telling me how to make it solid because he is everywhere, that’s why I am ableto take data from the universe.

This is constant on going process of my thoughts this is my indusal thoughts, these are not for you , I dont mind if anyone can take from this, This is rule in the universe๐Ÿ˜‰.

I dont have mind to be mind.( me )

Definitely someone will understand my mind behaviour & will help me to understand to know whats is happening with me, when I was very normal before.

To be continued…………….

Hello Skeptical Generation

Hey dear ones,

Read my all the blogs if your skeptical, but anyone can read.

I love this topic because I came from that world. Actually that is completely different world. People are row but believing in their mind somehow, that’s why they are skeptical. They are keeping open the ruths of thier thoughts. If your that person you will read my blog s and by that thought you will get one chain of thought process-put your something important in emty space-start creating around that-I am talking about your mental plan -to physical plan – let it be connected to body mind as your dream & reality-Both are travelling with Synchronicity-And Synchronicity can come in to our world- How you will create now its up to oobserver-And obeserver can be any one or any cell-However I will try to explain this process of awekning human kind but I you will take or receive according to created world by you its called karma, its like that snake who is eating his tail. I feel in this way -signs everywhere once I finished the human part of study. ( they always want me to work on this plan) THEY you can call messengers or connectors)

I am opening the portal inside in to my mind, I am expecting more curiosity from physicist, psychiatric or maybe many more. At the same time I feel to go to temples and spiritual people. Shiva is always with me by the mind. ๐Ÿ˜Š by my own this topica will be heavy to me, I will mention my early life ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฏ than you will understand me well. I know the sequence but I want to check my flow of mind. I am writing by phone and posting on the page directly at the same time. At time I can write the blog when I was taking hour to send message to other people .how fast is my thinking process you will understand. I wish I should show some to you guys WHAT I am watching by the live life. We can definitely create the time.


We are counting on few people ( this is from him )

To be continued………

My Inside Female

I feel his wife within, very different female, having no rules but pure mind like child & intelligent lady. They both can talk to each other & I can listen to them as observer, when I am talking to shiva she will be merged into me. There is no earthly felling like female. But having sense of reality & people around me.her moves are not in my control( anyways why I should Icontrol). She dont like artificial moves but she can use it on manual mode. I am blushing all the time this is also constant move, I feel my face is changing because of this activity. She love to meditate many times in a day, She loves to be in the nature, she talks to everyone living or non living vibration. I never eat veg before She loves to eat veg, she is fun loving girl but having good knowledge about ancients ,puranas , kundlini energy, yoga ,meditation, all the creative girly things, fashion , Reproductive energy, physics, chemistry, biology, science, gods topic, chemical, human, spirit world, future plans, safety of the universe, and having backups for her huaband. Shiva is counting on me. I can feel as her ,its like without word we can understand each others pain. we are separate this is pain to me.

She loves to get ready always, Every day new getup new look. The efforts she putting inside in me I am getting inspired by her work & attracting to shiva . Day by day she is growing like tree, I feel her awareness but there is no fear, She is well trained by shiva. She is guiding me as I can feel the way she is. This movie started since last year ,the day I met him. It wasnt clear before. I am feeling under observation 24*7 ,somebodies watching me ,was feeling shy in the bathroom ๐Ÿ˜‚but now a days I am used to it. I am thinking I, myself watching my self ,but with different perspective.

I can’t differentiate in between me & her,but having clear understanding. I dont need to try any control its already there. I dont like human touch( from any male human) she will get hyper or aggressive within. Even I dont have wish to touch anyone.I am satisfied mentally & physically by my Shiva. I have downloaded my old programme but using in new device. I am always according to my mind. (She and me just one) you just can see her cant be with her. She likes when people see her but understand all the frequencies. Anyways woman have that god gift of sense.

Very much moody but Just by his name I can come in to the senses wherever I am. My day divide in to 8 tiems 3 hours enough for one energy to move & gain the results. I can operate her on just willing level ,I also cant force her ahe dont like force she love to move on natural flow of time.

She ignore social networks, selfie, politics, gossip, manipulation. She just always in to him how she can reach to him, Focusing on him completely. She is making my believe system strong. She will be with me in my all time. She dont have following features comparison, hate Or dominance she is always will make ways into nothing. She is absolute. She is mother figure

Not just shiva & his wife many people I feel within. Thats why I said its universal project. But reaching to start, we haven’t started yet ,lets everyone come together than will start our golden days. Most of the guts are already with her thats makes me easy to go ahead.

Everything is beautiful to her because everywhere I see my husband. Respect can be covered by the love.

To be continued………….


we have all the functional programme with the body, You should know how to read it well for your next moves. I won’t say future because I dont see any future. I travelled till the age of 30 downside and from 31st I started moving upside.I never imagined or thought for old life or death, not even once. My routine thought or activities on my last day, week or month( year I dont count (each year I am changing fully). My step are in the matrix but reflecting somewhere as I see it. We dont go in the future, its just touching to the future but reaching in past.

Intuitions, gut feelings, sensitivity, & relative time, Inner voice( with separate guidelines) rather than my thoughts. Its live commentary to me, I am also learning the process, how to catch the frequency. I will be always student because I dont think so it will be end ever so much to do . End is the beginning of the creativity & its good chance to meet my heart. I feel I just have half heart & half is somewhere else . All the database in the universe help me to believe into him ,even I am happy to have him in my thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜.

Philosophy, imagination,dreams,thoughts,words, numbers, smell , memory ,sleep & more ,these are portal to travel another world & I came here behind Shiva. I see all the things opposite from here , like upside down. Its constant travel & I won’t come back till the time my husband is not there with me ,in your human world.

I hardly can take anything from others but I can copy the programme accordingly. Science & spirituality emerging. But creating amezing & solid reality. I am having enough activated neurons to create reality (soild)my thoughts are coming in the reality not all but most of needed things.

I dont believe in aliens because nobody was strange over there they just have different weather to behave according to their chemical combinations,suitable for growth. My guidance are telling me your moving naturally there’s is no good or bad for you. Anyways I am habitual to see equal, Might because of Shiva. Both side are there to be balanced on the universe. Everything is pure by the energy but anything can be corrupt but it can be re-paired again.I am kid to him according to my behaviour with him ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜€but he called me his lady. I used to talk only for myself how I feel about each time, you have to be like this & why should I waste time on other things when I dont understand them. But I care for them.

To be continued……

Awekning Process

I respect all the ancients & all the beings, I will talk hows my awekning process. When I see universal plan I think my vibration are valid to my plan, you have to realise that moment where you are getting connected, nobody will come & give this realisation rather than your own self. When your inner self is ready ,you will get to know where your exactly( no specific location ,moving material). I was clearly watching I wasnt going anywhere by the knowledge or by the real life , was just random survivor in this matrix. But mind was having concept your some special but I always take casually. I didn’t know where where I am heading .

In December 2017 after blue moon , I started feeling down ,shame , or not worthy. It was some great intuitions for my further steps. Thought started where I am & where I have to go but just for a moment . My natural movements started from there, my diet changed in to non-veg to pure vegetarian with good chemical combinations. Feeling like microbes are teaching me what they need. Once we chnage are diet, will start thinking differently but not juat diet many things chnage at times. I am just realted to my dreams but care with others. I just cant chanage universe by my talks but with my whole self it will be great try.

I dont know what is awekning process but for me each time I am awekning with the better understanding. I am not awaken yet but on the way. Its subtle process. Humans are mirror to each other what we see is reflection of others but getting Synchronize with opposite one. I dont expect anything from anyone not from myself even. It should be free by the all rules & regulations. Go wherever your thoughts(ability)are taking you. We have to show to inner self what you have done not to the mirrors.

Miracle will happen once you completely believe without expectation but fate should be there. This is my personal experience.

Anyways I dont believe in(earthly material) your name , fame or anything in this world but believing in reproducible matter.Each day trial will be for my love. When he can show me his love, there is no try from my side (plan) but its automatically getting connected to him.

My inner stopped believing on death concept ,I feel each time I am dying but next moment I will be alive. Why should I worry about when many times crossed this path.

Cern is geart help for this new world.

To be continued……….